Some of the Tweedies

Tweedies Name

The original award winning
Shetland & Welsh Tweed Bears & Mice,
established 2005


Welcome to the wonderful world of the Tweedies!

Who are we?

We are award winning ORIGINAL collectable, individually handcrafted, Teddy Bears and Mice made from genuine Welsh and Shetland tweeds and yarns. The first Tweedie was made in 2005, so this year we are in our .

Because each bear and mouse is individually hand crafted they have their own personality - bigger than their ears, so watch out!

The Bears and Mice come in the following sizes.



Sadly all good things come to an end and I have decided that my craft fair days are over.

However, I hold a large stock of tweed, yarns and cottons, so I will continue to make the bears, mice etc. until all stock has been used up.

Tweedies will now be offered at Sale Prices until the stock has gone.

Bearies:£35.00 + P&P
Paperweight Mice / Teddies:£10.00 + P&P
Huggies, Poshies / Patchwork Bears:£20.00 + P&P
Owls / Hedhehogs:£5.00 + P&P
Snowmen:£7.00 + P&P

It is a decision that has greatly saddened my heart, so I sincerely hope that all my bears, mice and tinsel creatures find forever homes in the next few months.

If your particular choice is not in stock always ask me. Providing I have enough of a particular tweed and cotton I can make it up for you.

Everything must go in the next few months - so don't be shy!

You are getting a TOPCLASS creature at an unbelievable half price!

If I find that you are local to where Tweedies live, then we can arrange for you to come and pick up your purchase, thus avoiding the postage and packing charge.


We have also included “Tinsels” (Owls, Hedgehogs and Snowmen) normally only on offer at craft fairs.

Tinsels can be knitted to order from a large range of wools below.  Just ask for your favourite colour.

Note: Tinsels are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

2015 marked the 10th anniversary of The Tweedies.

To celebrate this milestone, Tweedies commissioned Jamieson's of Shetland to create a special unique "Tweedies" tweed. This has been used to make a special 10th anniversary Huggie and a Mouse. There are only be 35 of each and they will all be numbered individually.

The new Huggie is called "Anna" and the Mouse is called "Belle". They were launched at the National Doll & Teddy Bear Fair in Birmingham on 22nd March 2015 and are already proving a hit. There are still some left to purchase.

Tweedies are collectables NOT toys.