Some of the Tweedies

Tweedies Name

The original award winning
Shetland & Welsh Tweed Bears & Mice,
established 2005

Featured in the UK Teddy Bear Guide

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Tweedies are proud to present their newest bears – the Bearies.

Bearies are 30% larger than the Huggies, and are all OOAK (One of a Kind). Even if the same tweed is used twice the Bearies’ feet, ears, hat, scarf and tank top will all be different. No two bearies will ever be completely the same. They are large, well stuffed , very huggable, and with a hand knitted tank top as well as a hat and scarf, they will never feel the Winter cold.

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Abbie has a lovely beige tweed with emerald green/brown stripes in it. She has emerald green felt feet and emerald green ears. To keep her snug she is wearing a flax yellow ribbed tank top. Her hat is tundra brown / beige / emerald green / flax yellow, and her scarf is emerald green. Wow!!
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Darwin is quite the country gentleman in his pale mustard tweed. He has mid brown felt feet and orange ears. To keep his tummy warm he is wearing a seaweed green ribbed tank top. Darwin’s hand knitted hat is daffodil yellow / autumn brown / Teviot blue, and he has a daffodil yellow scarf.
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Elanna's head and body are made of plain blue tweed and her arms and legs are blue / white check. She has pale blue ears and pale grey felt feet. Elanna's hat is cream / verona pink / pale grey / lavender and her scarf is verona pink. She is kept warm and cosy with a pale grey ribbed tank top.
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Huw has cream felt feet and dark caramel ears to complement his brown and beige check. He is wearing a beige ribbed tank top to keep him warm. His hand knitted hat is damson / beige / Roma red fleck, and he has a Roma red scarf.
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Noel has a dark grey tweed with scarlet felt feet and scarlet ears. He is wearing a Shetland black ribbed tank top. His hand knitted hat is cream / emerald green / granite grey / scarlet and he has a lovely scarlet scarf. He is the perfect Christmas picture.
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Rose is made from a checked grey / brown Shetland tweed which is complemented with pale pink felt feet and pale pink ears. She is wearing a light grey / brown knitted tank top and a shocking pink cotton hat pulled down over both ears. A pink ribbon is round her neck.
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Susie has a stunning creamy flecked tweed. She has cream felt feet and mint green ears. Her rye green ribbed tank top keeps her warm. Her hand knitted hat is pale beige / green mist / cream / rose pink and her scarf is rose pink. She is the picture of cool sophistication.
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Vaila’s honey brown tweed is complemented by bright yellow ears and orange felt feet. Her hat is cashew / pumpkin orange / daffodil yellow / peat brown and her scarf is pumpkin orange. To keep her warm, she is wearing a burnt umber tank-top.
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Walter’s checked tweed is complemented by maroon ears and pale grey feet. His hat is oyster beige / bottle green / green mist / cherry red, and his scarf is port wine. To keep him warm he is wearing a green mist ribbed tank top.

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