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Patchwork Bears

Sometimes when particular tweeds start running out and they are no longer available at the mill, the only thing to do is to mix & match and create special unique Patchwork Bears.

Here are the first ones. More will no doubt follow later in the year.

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Bethan has been reborn into a lavender lovers Patchwork Bear. Her original dark purple tweed has been teamed up with a lavender / white herringbone – both from Wales. Her ears are one pale lavender under the hat and one dark lavender, and she has one lavender and one white felt feet. Bethan’s hat is cream / blueberry / blossom pink / lavender, and her scarf is lavender. Wow! If you like purple and lavender she is the bear for you.
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Carys is showing off 2 Welsh tweeds. Her head and body are purple tweed and her arms and legs are turquoise. She has shocking pink ears and shocking pink felt feet. Cary's hat is cream / aqua / lavender / blosson pink and she has a blossom pink scarf around her neck. On her tummy is a white felt flower with a yellow middle.
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Catrin is our first hybrid bear as her pink tweed is from Shetland and her turquoise tweed is from Wales. Her ears are turquoise under the hat and dark pink, and her felt feet are one pale pink and one turquoise. Catrin’s hat is cream / turquoise / clematis / blossom pink and her scarf is blossom pink. A very sophisticated patchwork bear.
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Ceri is made from 2 flecked Welsh tweeds. She has one pale pink and one lavender felt foot and one pale pink and one lavender ear. On her tummy she gas pale pink / lavender /respberry flower & a dark pink sparkly ribbon round her neck. Her knitted hat is clover / orchid / blossom pink / dark lavender wool and her scarf is blossom pink.
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Chrissie is a combination of plain red and grey / red check SHETLAND tweeds. She has one scarlet and one dark grey ear, and one scarlet and one dark grey felt foot. On her tummy is a scarlet / cream / dark grey felt flower. Her hand knitted hat is slate grey, scarlet, pebble and her scarf is scarlet.
WOW – if you love red then this is definitely the bear for you.
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Gwenith’s tweed is a beautiful dark blue herringbone. She has one pale pink ear and one pale blue ear and her felt feet are one pale blue / one pale pink.
Her hat is cherry red / pink / cream and aqua, and her scarf is aqua.
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Megan's original purple tweed has now been teamed with a purple / off white herringbone. Her ears are one pale pink and one lavender, and her felt feet are one lavender and one shocking pink. She is wearing a blossom pink / bramble / cream and lavender hat, and a bramble scarf. A purple lovers bear!
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Meira is a mixture of dark brown and orange Welsh tweeds. She has one brown ear under her hat and one orange ear, and one dark brown and one orange felt feet. Her hat is brown / flax yellow / ginger / pale green and her scarf is ginger. A real fun bear in warm Christmassy colours.
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Patrick has a brown tweed body & head. Beige arms & legs. His ears are dark green and he has emerald green felt feet. He is wearing a buttermilk / tundra / celtic green hat and a celtic green scarf.
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Penny has a plain green tweed body & head and green check arms and legs. Her ears are orange and her feet are mid-brown felt. Penny is wearing a rye green / buttercup / flame hat and a flame scarf to keep her warm.
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Peter has a dark grey tweed body & head and black / cream herringbone arms & legs. Peter's ears are scarlet and his feet are scarlet felt. He's wearing a cream / emerald green / scarlet hat and a scarlet scarf. Wow! He's really bright and cheerful.
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Rhianna's original plain blue tweed has been teamed with a blue / off white herringbone. Her ears are one caramel and one pale blue and her felt feet are one white and one pale caramel. She is wearing a blueberry / apricot / verona pink / pale blue hat and her scarf is verona pink.

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