Some of the Tweedies

Tweedies Name

The original award winning
Shetland & Welsh Tweed Bears & Mice,
established 2005

Featured in the UK Teddy Bear Guide

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Shetland Huggies

Huggies are much larger than the Teddies, they measure approx. 10" high from the tips of their ears to their bottoms when sitting down. Self supporting when sitting but their legs go floppy when they are picked up, making them so easy to hug.

Huggies are made in the same beautiful Shetland tweeds and yarns as the Teddies and mice and come with their own name and edition number.

Beautiful Shetland Huggies just asking for a home, but please remember Tweedies are collectables, NOT toys.

Here they are: You can click on each picture to give a better view of the tweeds.

The Boys

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Archie’s tweed is darkish caramel brown. He has soft warm caramel ears and dark brown felt feet. On his tummy he has a dark brown / beige felt heart. His hand knitted hat is peat brown / beige / flame and his scarf is flame.
Archie is a bear who will warm your heart on a cold winter’s day.
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Jack is made from a lovely colourful checked tweed.
He has pale caramel ears and dark cream felt feet. His hat is bottle green / flame / pale blue / buttercup and a buttercup knitted scarf is wrapped around his neck to keep him warm.
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Jacob’s tweed is a green and cream fleck. He has bottle green ears and emerald green felt feet. His hat is cornfield gold / emerald green / paprika / bottle green and he has a bottle green scarf wrapped around his neck. Very snug and warm.
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Noah is made from dark brown Shetland tweed. He has one orange and one pale yellow felt feet and orange cotton ears. He has cream / orange hearts appliqued on to his tummy. His hand knitted hat is beige ribbing with pumpkin orange / yellow / beige stripes and a pumpkin orange centre. Noah’s warm lacy scarf is also pumpkin orange.

The Girls

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Anna is made from a creamy Shetland tweed.
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Clementine’s tweed is a beautiful orangey brown. She has dark grey felt feet and caramel ears. To keep her warm she has a poppy red / tangerine / navy hand knitted hat and a tangerine scarf. Such a picture of Christmassy colours.
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Constance is made of a grey / pink / beige check tweed. She has rose pink ears and pale pink felt feet. She's wearing a beautiful hat of sand / thistledown & rose pink wool and a rose pink scarf.
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Emily’s tweed is a dark reddish brown and cream Herringbone. Her ears are black, and her feet are black felt. On her tummy is a white / pale pink felt flower. Her hand knitted hat is white / blueberry / blossom pink and her scarf is blueberry.
A warm cosy bear to hug.
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Evie’s tweed is an elegant black / cream Herringbone. She has lavender ears and her felt feet are one lavender and one black. On her tummy is a lavender / peach / black felt flower. Her hand knitted hat is Jupiter purple / sunglow / orchid (lavender) and her scarf is orchid.
A good smart bear for lavender lovers everywhere.
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Freya is looking spring like with her bottle green ears and apple green felt feet. But spring days can be chilly so she is wearing a hand knitted apple green / bottle green / sunglow hat and a sunglow lacy scarf.
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Isla’s tweed is a soft green from Shetland. She has one mid brown and one pale yellow felt feet and soft mint green cotton ears. Appliqued on her tummy is a bright red and pale yellow flower. Her hat is sandalwood brown ribbing with light willow green / buttermilk / sandalwood stripes and a willow green centre. Isla’s warm hand knitted lacy scarf is in a buttermilk yarn.
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Lucy is very chic with smart navy ears, a beautiful turquoise lacy knitted scarf and a cinnamon / cream / turquoise hat. Lucy has cream felt feet.
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Maeve is a cool bear with pale lavender ears and lavender felt feet. On her tummy is a lavender / white flower. But even a cool bear has to keep warm sometimes so she is wearing a white / hyacinth hand knitted hat and a hyacinth scarf.
A cool and sophisticated picture.
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Maisie is our flagship bear. She is beautiful with raspberry ears and wine coloured felt feet. She keeps warm with her hand knitted redcurrant scarf and wild violet / redcurrant knitted hat. Pretty as a picture.
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Ruby is created with Valentine's Day in mind. She has beautiful sugar pink ears and deepest ruby red felt feet. She keeps snug with a hand knitted blossom pink / crimson hat and a crimson scarf.
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