Some of the Tweedies

The original award winning
Shetland & Welsh Tweed Bears & Mice,
established 2005

Featured in the UK Teddy Bear Guide

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Shetland Teddies

Shetland Teddies are very cheeky little bears made in beautiful tweeds from Jamiesons Spinning Ltd. in Sandness, Shetland. First presented in 2007,they have grown to 8" high when sitting down and have a whole new look for 2008 with colourful lacy hand knitted Shetland wool scarves now in 2009 they have beautiful Shetland wool hats over their right ears. See how they put their arms out for a cuddle. They are just longing for a home.

Some Teddies are available at Craft fairs, but are generally made to order.

These Teddies are seriously cool characters and a "must have" for any teddy collector.

The Boys

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Oliver's tweed is a light mustard with a red and blue stripe running through it. He has light mustard ears and maroon felt feet. His warm hand knitted hat is hairst brown / crimson and a crimson scarf completes the picture. He is the cheekiest little bear in the whole collection.
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Paddy has a brown tweed body & head. Beige arms & legs. His ears are dark green and he has emerald green felt feet. He is wearing a buttermilk / tundra / celtic green hat and a celtic green scarf.

The Girls

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Jessie’s warm brown tweed is complemented with bright yellow ears and orange felt feet. Her hat is cashew / pumpkin orange / daffodil yellow / peat brown, and her hand knitted scarf is daffodil yellow.
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Lily is a cool bear with pale lavender ears and lavender felt feet. But even a cool bear has to keep warm sometimes so she is wearing a white / hyacinth hand knitted hat and a hyacinth scarf.
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Beautiful grey / green herringbone tweed, turquoise ears and turquoise felt feet. Her hat is lemon / turquoise and she has a lemon scarf.

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