Some of the Tweedies

Tweedies Name

The original award winning
Shetland & Welsh Tweed Bears & Mice,
established 2005


Welsh Huggies

New to Tweedies are the Welsh Huggies - much larger than the teddies, they measure approx. 10" high from the tips of their ears to their bottoms when sitting down. Self supporting when sitting but their legs go floppy when the are picked up, making them so easy to hug.

Designs may vary from time to time depending on the tweeds being produced by Trefriw Woollen Mills in the Conwy Valley, N Wales.

The colours of the beautiful cloths really do echo the colours and moods of the Welsh landscape.

Each Huggie is lovingly handcrafted and comes with his / her own name, edition no and hand knitted Welsh wool hats and scarves. Oh yes, and they also have a teddy bear button sewn onto their left ear - hallmark of a Tweedies Huggie.

Beautiful Welsh Huggies just asking for a home and especially a hug, but please remember Tweedies are collectables, NOT toys.

Here they are: You can click on each picture to give a better view of the tweeds.

The Boys

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Dafydd's tweed is a lovely grey herringbone called Arian. He is looking Christmassy in his dark grey / red / bottle green hat and bottle green scarf. His ears are scarlet and his feet are light grey felt.
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Welsh tweeds – orange mottled and plain pale brown – combine to make up Gareth. A cheeky bear Gareth is the new Welsh Huggie on the block, with orange ears and orange felt feet. His hat is russet / pale green / tangerine / yellow ochre, and his scarf is pale green. A lovely warm cheeky boy to warm even the coldest Winter day.
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Owain's tweed is Mist Blue and Damson (strong mauve blue) in Garmon check with white overview. He is very smart with royal blue ears, royal blue felt feet. He is wearing a bramble Welsh wool scarf and a bramble / cream / pale blue hat.
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Rhodri's tweed is a Cribau (brown) Herringbone. He's a cheeky little character with dark beige ears, maroon felt feet, a cherry red Welsh wool scarf and an ochre / red / brown hat.
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The Girls

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Arianwen has a pale blue / grey fleck tweed. Her feet are pale pink felt and she has pale blue ears. Her hand knitted hat is light oatmeal / blossom pink / bramble and blue fleck. A blue fleck scarf completes the cool sophisticated picture.
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Betsan is made from silver and cedar herringbone tweed. She has cream felt feet and turquoise ears. To keep her cosy she is wearing a rye green / clemantine / turquoise hat and a rye green scarf.
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Gaenor's tweed is a rich red. She has dark cream felt feet and caramel ears. Her hat is peach / roma red / heather and a roma red scarf completes this Christmassy bear.
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Siâni is the very picture of fashion and elegance. She is made from a beautiful silver and river (navy) herringbone tweed, with cream felt feet and navy ears. Her outfit is a hand knitted Blue John (navy) / red and cream hat and a new red scarf, which she wears with oodles of style.
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