Some of the Tweedies

Tweedies Name

The original award winning
Shetland & Welsh Tweed Bears & Mice,
established 2005

Featured in the UK Teddy Bear Guide

Teddy Bear Guide


Each Huggie and Bear comes complete with its own name, edition number and woven label on its back. Trimmings may vary from time to time depending on availability but my mistress will ensure that your mouse or teddy is as near to the picture as possible.

CAUTION: Tweedies are Marvin The Magpie's friends and are protected under the same US Copyright Certificate as he is. Therefore they may not be copied or reproduced in any way by anyone other than his mistress, Patricia.

Costs (each)

Large Bearies:£35.00 + P&P
Medium Huggies & Poshies:£20.00 + P&P
Mice & Small Teddies:£10.00 + P&P
Medium Patchwork Bears:£20.00 + P&P

Postage and Packing Charges

Postage and Packing charges depend on the destination.

United Kingdom:
Rest of the world:
Mice & Teddies
Huggies, Patchwork & Poshies

Now, if you've decided you would like to own one there are just a few simple steps to follow.

You can send an order by email using this form.
A Paypal Invoice email will then be sent to you so that you can pay using Paypal.

If you prefer, you may print off a copy of the order form here. You can then post it with your payment to the address below.

If you do not wish to place an order but want to ask a question, use this form. We will get back to you via email as soon as we can.


Please look after my friends, they are special collectables, NOT toys, so do not handle them roughly.

And remember won't you - their personalities are bigger and brighter than their ears!